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We are launching worldwide with high tech software,with new domain name all work done, get ready we starting from monday 15-10-2013, some other system people don't want helping-hands run smoothly,they tried many times to stop us but can't succeed.
Jai helping-hands


About 2014 Team MMM

Welcome to Team MMM , We are working worldwide to make our participant Rich & Happy. We promies you Happy & joyfull Life with Us. Lets make all People Happy by Helping each other. Team MMM its not company ,its not pyramid , its not money rotation, money circulation or its not investment company , Any source of income is ALSO NOT HERE! Team MMM provide only platform for those people "who willing to help to other peoples" only by self interest ,there are no rules at all!, there is no guarantees of repayment of their helping funds. Team MMM Website only collects data from people who need help at the moment and sends the data to people who are willing to provide this help. There are no shares transactions, any relationship with the professional participants of the shares market, no shares or any product you do not get! Any source of income is ALSO NOT HERE! We do not give you any guarantees either, no promises. Neither explicitly nor implicitly. Do not create the mistaken belief that you can become rich quick here. (Conversely, you will lose everything!), you can still lose all your money and not get help in our community from other participants.

MMM Indo Bangladesh Webinar 26 July 2013


Study materials charity for street school.